The Story

Deep Dark is the story of an artist finding his muse and the strange, sometimes violent relationship that develops between them. A modern cocktail of several genres, the film serves up equal parts psychological horror and romance, because after all, love can be a little scary. The Plot Hermann knew he was destined to become […]


The Filmmakers

MICHAEL MEDAGLIA (Writer/Director) Michael is an award-winning writer/director whose films tend towards the surreal, the dark and the unexplored side of the human psyche. Having a solid background in the internet industry, Michael is uniquely prepared for this new era of film innovation is adept at combining multiple technologies to tell a story. Michael’s directing […]



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March News Update – Blood, giant carp and our newest cast member

Rejoice! The latest Deep Dark update is here. We turned a huge corner and completed all photography for the film. We also cast the actor for one of the most important characters in the movie. Read on for the juicy details. When we last left off, we were lacking our location for our Uncle Felix scenes. Like […]

January News Update

Deep Dark News and free stuff, dead ahead. Read on. Free is good. That’s why, as of last month, anyone signing up to our mailing list gets free stuff. We’re talking behind-the-scenes videos, storyboards, etc. For those alreadyon the list: you’ll find all download instructions at the end of this email, plus thanks for being so […]